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Our vending machines

Our machines are offered on our unique Easyvend group rent free system fully managed by ourselves. 

We clean, maintain, restock and refill. You simply get the service with no costs
No minimum vend, no rental. You benefit from a clean and modern vending solution offered to you for no costs. That is the Easyvend promise.

Easyvend machine features

Cold Drinks

  • Full range of any kind of cold drink
  • Cans bottles
  • Juices and soda
  • Milkshakes
  • Flavoured waters
  • Modern stylish led lit

Hot Drinks

  • Traditional keypad or touch screen options
  • Freshly made bean to cup coffee
  • Fresh brew branded tea, hot choc and cappuccino options
  • Full hot drinks menu on cash or contactless payments
  • We refill and clean the machine for you
  • Ideal solution for the work or office canteen
  • Full power saving control


  • Stylish led lit snack machines
  • Card or cash payment options
  • Full range of snack products to order
  • Regular re-stocks
  • Cleaner to use
Privacy Policy
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